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BDS Process:

1. The customer MUST logon to the BDS site ( using his mobile phone or computer to complete the application. In seconds of submitting the application, the customer will get an approval amount or a denial.

2. At the same time, his approval will appear on the BDS portal in the BDS office. Then BDS will:
a. TEXT the service advisor that his customer has been approved
b. Request the advisor to fax an itemized copy of the Repair Order or an estimate sheet to BDS showing the total repair cost to 985-250-0400.

3. After receiving the estimate, BDS will email a BDS “Disclosure/Invoice” to the customer that includes:
a. The dealership’s itemized quote
b. The amount of his payments and when they are due
c. An explanation of the 90 Day Early Buy-option

d. BDS Merchant Fee (See FAQ)

4. If the customer agrees with the terms and conditions described in the BDS Disclosure/Invoice, BDS instructs the customer to:
a. Click “Reply”
b. Type “I Approve”
c. Return the email

5. As soon as the customer’s approval is received, BDS will email the customer his contract with instructions to electronically sign it.

6. When BDS receives the signed contract, BDS will:

a. TEXT the advisor that his customer has signed the contract

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